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About bidding

News about written bidding:

It is possible to bid using a log-in system.
To do this, you must:

  1. Go to the catalogue with photo’s. Here, there is the catalogue with photo’s, and next to this the possibility to bid on a lot (word; bid)
  2. Click on the word ‘bid’.
  3. Here, you can fill the amount of your maximum bid for a specific lot. The auctioneer will then proceed to bid on the lot your behalf up to this amount. This does not mean you automatically pay the maximum amount. The initial price, after all, is set at 70% of the lowest guide price. With some luck, you can get the item for the initial price! For the bidding procedure, the conditions and terms of the auction shall apply.
  4. You can create your own bidding list in the way described above.
  5. To activate the bids, you have to register with your name and address. You will also choose your own, unique password.
  6. Logging in with this password, you will have access to your personal bidding form.
  7. On this form is shown what you have chosen to bid on. YOUR BIDS ARE NOT YET ACTIVATED.
  8. The bidding list can then be changed according to your wishes.
  9. To activate the bids, you can click at the bottom of the list to send the bids.
  10. To verify, you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation. The bids are then processed for the auction.
  11. In case you do not receive this e-mail, the bid might not (yet) be activated, or your spam filter might have blocked the e-mail. Check your spam box! Are you still in doubt? You can send us an e-mail to ask whether or not your bid is received.


  • The initial price of the lots is 70% of the lowest guide price. We do not accept bids under 70%!
  • Bids must be registered on the day of the auction session before 12.00hr!

We wish you good luck bidding on one of our auctions!

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