Governing the contribution for sale by auction of moveable property. These General Terms and Conditions were filed  with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Amsterdam on 30 March 2004 under no. DS 40530226.

Article 1 Applicability

1.1 These General Terms and Conditions govern all  matters relating to the relationship between the  auctioneer and the contributor/seller, referred to  below as the ‘Contributor’, including matters relating  to purchase, sale, agency, valuation, assessment,  appraisal, cataloguing and safekeeping, unless the  parties explicitly agree otherwise.

1.2 Deviations from these General Terms and Conditions  are valid only if and insofar as they are explicitly  accepted in writing by the auctioneer.

Article 2 Commission contract

2.1 The Contributor commissions the auctioneer to examine, appraise and sell by auction the moveable property (also referred to below as the ‘Objects’) that  he contributes and that the auctioneer receives.

2.2 The Contributor authorises the auctioneer to sell the  Objects in the auctioneer’s name, regardless of whether the sale relates to all of the items or only some of them, under conditions to be determined by the auctioneer. The Contributor can agree on a  minimum price (reserve) in consultation with the  auctioneer.

2.3 However, the receipt of Objects will not obligate the  auctioneer to sell or auction them. If the auctioneer  does not wish to sell or auction the Objects he will inform the Contributor accordingly within six weeks after he has taken that decision.

Article 3 Contributor's rights and obligations

3.1 The Contributor must provide proof of his identity  at the auctioneer’s first request.

3.2 The Contributor guarantees that he is entitled, as the  owner or otherwise, to offer the Objects for auction and indemnifies the auctioneer against all claims of  third parties in that respect.

3.3 At the auctioneer’s first request the Contributor is  obligated to provide the auctioneer with information regarding the origin of the Objects, substantiated  with evidence. The Contributor is liable for damage  as a result of the provision of incorrect or  misleading information and/or other circumstances  for which the Contributor can be blamed and indemnifies the auctioneer against all claims of third parties in that respect.

3.4 The Contributor declares that the sale of the Objects  at auction is not impeded by national or international statutory provisions.

3.5 The Contributor is not permitted to bid on the  Objects he has contributed unless he has agreed  otherwise with the auctioneer in writing.

3.6 The rights and obligations pursuant to these General Terms and Conditions are vested exclusively in the  Contributor. The Contributor cannot transfer those  rights and obligations to third parties.

Article 4 Auctioneer's rights

4.1 The inclusion or exclusion of Objects in an auction,  and any statement made about an Object in the  auction catalogue or brochure, is at the sole  discretion of the auctioneer. The auctioneer is  entitled to consult with experts, without accepting  any responsibility in that respect.

4.2 The auctioneer accepts no liability towards the  Contributor with respect to recommendations given  by or on behalf of the auctioneer with regard to the  Objects.

4.3 The auctioneer is entitled to determine in which of  his auctions an Object will be offered for sale.

4.4 If the auctioneer is instructed to fully clear a  dwelling or warehouse, he reserves the right to  exclude Objects from clearance and to destroy or  remove Objects that he deems unsuitable for auction  or to otherwise convert such Objects into cash.

4.5 The Contributor declares that the auctioneer is  entitled to photograph, illustrate or otherwise  portray, depict or cause the depiction of all objects  offered for sale, in any manner whatsoever, before or  after the auction, with due observance of applicable  statutory provisions. The auctioneer retains the  copyright on all such depictions.

Article 5 Taking back of the Objects by the Contributor

5.1 Once an Object has been offered for auction the  Contributor may not take it back unless he pays 30%  of the agreed reserve, or less if the auctioneer  considers that reasonable, or, if no reserve was  agreed, of the expected auction proceeds for which  the auctioneer appraised the Object, plus any costs  incurred.

5.2 If the Contributor is not satisfied with the appraisal referred to in paragraph 1 he may have the Object reappraised at his own expense by three registered  brokers or registered valuers admitted in respect of  the field related to the Object, or by certified valuers  or brokers, one of whom will be appointed by the  auctioneer, one by the Contributor and the third by  the two valuers already appointed. In the event that  the value after re­appraisal deviates from the original  appraisal value, the re­appraisal value will be  deemed binding for the auctioneer and the Contributor for the purposes of this Article.

Article 6 Commission

6.1 If the Objects are sold at auction, the commission  due to the auctioneer will be a percentage, agreed in  advance, of the amount for which the Objects are  sold

Article 7 Auctioneer's obligation to take objects back

7.1 The Contributor is aware that the auctioneer has  declared in his conditions of sale, i.e. the General  Terms and Conditions governing the sale by auction  of moveable property between the auctioneer and the  purchaser, that it is willing to do the following: ‘Unless explicitly excluded in respect of particular  Objects listed in the catalogue, and with the  exception of a number of cases referred to in the  General Terms and Conditions applicable to the sale  of moveable property by auction, the auctioneer is  willing to take back auctioned objects and  simultaneously reimburse the purchase price and  auction charges if the purchaser proves to the  auctioneer’s satisfaction within a period of three  weeks after the sale that the auctioned object has  such serious hidden defects or that the description  provided was so inaccurate that if the purchaser had  been aware of those defects or that inaccurate  description at the time of allocation he would have  decided not to go ahead with the purchase or would  have purchased the object only for a considerably  lower price.

7.2 If those circumstances occur, to be determined at the  sole discretion of the auctioneer, the Contributor  irrevocably authorises the auctioneer to dissolve the  sale and to reimburse the purchase price and auction  charges. Upon dissolution of the sale, the Object or  Objects will be deemed unsold within the meaning of  Article 11 of these General Terms and Conditions

Article 8 Payment to the Contributor

8.1 The auctioneer will pay the Contributor the proceeds  of the sale minus all the costs due from the  Contributor, such as transport costs, restoration costs,  commissions, inspection costs, any insurance costs  and any other costs agreed in advance, as well as  VAT, referred to below as the ‘Remuneration’,  provided that the auctioneer has received the  purchase price in full from the purchaser, the  purchaser has not invoked the auctioneer’s duty to  take the Object back within the meaning of Article 7  of these General Terms and Conditions while the  auctioneer has acknowledged that invocation, and the  sale has not been dissolved within the meaning of  Article 9 of these General Terms and Conditions.

8.2 Payment of the Remuneration will customarily be  made within 30 days after the sale, unless a  notification within the meaning of Article 7 of these  General Terms and Conditions has been received  from the purchaser or the sale has been dissolved  within the meaning of Article 9 of these General  Terms and Conditions.

8.3 The ‘margin arrangement’ may be invoked only if, in  the auctioneer’s sole opinion, all of the relevant rules  have been complied with prior to the auction,  including the rules governing the purchasing  statement.

Article 9 Consequences of dissolution by the purchaser

9.1 If the auctioneer has taken back Objects within the  meaning of Article 7 of these General Terms and  Conditions or if the contract of sale with the  purchaser has been dissolved for other reasons, the  auctioneer has the right to reclaim any  reimbursement already paid to the Contributor, as  well as all other damage and costs that the auctioneer  has incurred as a result of the dissolution, including  interest and court and out of­court costs.

Article 10 Consequences of dissolution by the auctioneer

10.1 The Contributor is aware that the auctioneer has  reserved the right in his conditions of sale (i.e. the  General Terms and Conditions governing the sale by  auction of moveable property between auctioneer  and purchaser) to dissolve the contract of sale if the  purchaser exceeds the payment term or fails to  collect the Objects in a timely manner.

10.2 The Contributor explicitly acknowledges the  auctioneer’s right to recover from the purchaser the  auctioneer’s loss and costs in the event of a situation  referred to in paragraph 1. The Contributor also  acknowledges the auctioneer’s right, at his discretion,  to claim specific performance from a purchaser who  has exceeded the payment term or to dissolve the  sale, or to first claim specific performance from the  purchaser and to subsequently dissolve the sale if that claim fails.

Article 11 Unsold Objects

11.1 The auctioneer is irrevocably authorised but not  obligated to sell unsold Objects at a subsequent  auction, referred to below as ‘re­auction’, or to sell  the Objects within a period of ten days after the  auction. The auctioneer will do so, however, only if  such a sale after the auction (‘aftersale’) can be made  for a price that results in an amount that is at least  equal to the sale price minus all costs due from the  Contributor, to which the Contributor would have  been entitled if the Object to be auctioned had been  sold for the reserve that applied in that auction.

11.2 In the event of such an aftersale, the rights and  obligations of the Contributor and auctioneer  pursuant to these General Terms and Conditions will continue to apply in full as they would have applied  if the Object had been sold at auction.

11.3 The provisions contained in these General Terms and  Conditions apply in full to the sale by re­auction or  aftersale.

Article 12 Transport/storage/insurance of Objects

12.1 The auctioneer may remove or destroy all packing  materials related to the Objects contributed for sale,  unless the auctioneer has explicitly agreed otherwise  with the Contributor.

12.2 All Objects received by the auctioneer have been  insured for the value indicated in the receipt or for a  value considered suitable at the auctioneer’s sole  discretion. The Objects are insured against fire, theft,  loss and damage as long as they are located in his  auction building or in another warehouse of his  choice. The Contributor is entitled to demand a  receipt for the Objects received by the auctioneer,  indicating the value of the Objects upon receipt in  the auctioneer’s provisional opinion.

12.3 The auctioneer is entitled to take measures to have  Objects that are sent or delivered stored by third  parties and to charge the costs involved to the  Contributor.

12.4 Objects sent or delivered to the auctioneer that the  auctioneer does not accept for sale and does not store  will be returned to the sender entirely at the sender’s  expense and risk.

Article 13 Auctioneer's liability

13.1 The auctioneer will in no event be liable for damage  to picture frames, other frames and any related  objects such as glass plates, passepartouts, etc.,  unless the damage is caused by an intentional act or  wilful recklessness on the part of the auctioneer  and/or assistants or staff members whom the  auctioneer engages.

13.2 The auctioneer will in no event be liable for loss of  profits, consequential loss, pecuniary loss and/or  indirect damage.

13.3 The auctioneer will furthermore in no event be liable  for any accident or any form of damage that anyone  incurs in or near the buildings or sites intended for  contribution, storage or viewing, or where the  auction is held or goods sold can be collected, unless  the damage is caused by an intentional act or wilful  recklessness on the part of the auctioneer and/or  assistants or staff members whom the auctioneer  engages and/or insofar as the damage is covered by the auctioneer’s insurance.

13.4 Buildings or sites are entered at one’s own risk

Article 14 Additional rights and obligations of the Contributor/natural person (not acting in a professional capacity)/service at a distance

14.1 The following provisions apply if an agreement is  concluded between the auctioneer and a  Contributor/natural person who is not acting in a  professional capacity in which context, within the  framework of a system for service at a distance, until  the time at which the agreement is concluded,  exclusive use is made of one or more techniques for  communication at a distance.

14.2 For a period of seven working days, calculated as  from the day on which the agreement is concluded,  the Contributor/natural person is entitled to dissolve  the agreement free of charge without having to  provide any reason. Under certain circumstances,  that term will be three months as from the date on  which the Agreement is concluded. However, in that  context the agreement must be dissolved in writing  (by e­mail, letter or fax).

14.3 The Contributor/natural person may not avail  himself/herself of the above­mentioned right if the  auctioneer has commenced performance of the  Agreement with his/her consent before the abovementioned term has lapsed.

14.4 Notwithstanding the provisions contained in Article  7:46f of the Dutch Civil Code regarding the  commencement of default, the statutory provisions  contained in Articles 6:81 to 6:83 of the Dutch Civil  Code apply.

Article 15 Miscellaneous

15.1 If any provision contained in these General Terms  and Conditions is null, nullified or non­binding, the  other provisions will continue to apply in full. In the  event that one or more provisions is/are null,  nullified or non­binding, the Contributor and the  auctioneer will agree on replacement provisions that  are valid and that approximate the content and  purport of the null, nullified or non­binding  provision(s) as closely as possible.

15.2 These General Terms and Conditions are governed  exclusively by Dutch law.

15.3 All disputes with respect to, arising from or related  to an agreement concluded between the auctioneer  and the Contributor, the conclusion of an agreement  or these General Terms and Conditions will be  submitted for resolution exclusively to the competent  court of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, subject to the  auctioneer’s right to submit the dispute to the  competent court in the Contributor’s district.

The Dutch Federation of Valuers, Brokers and  Auctioneers in Movable Goods (Federatie Taxateurs  Makelaars Veilinghouders in roerende zaken). Copyright explicitly reserved. Only members of the  Federation of Valuers, Brokers and Auctioneers in  Movable Goods may adopt and use these General  Terms and Conditions.

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