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Sending of goods is at the risk of the buyer

The goods are carefully packaged by employees of the auction house before sending.
However, the sending of goods is always at the risk of the buyer.
Nonetheless it is advisable to collect large and vulnerable objects yourself.
Glass work, ceramics and paintings/prints (painted on canvas and behind glass) are not suitable for sending.
Sending of goods

The purchased goods can be sent at the risk of the buyer.

  • The auction house uses boxes provided by TPG-Postgroep.
  • The sizes vary from: minimum size 146 × 131 × 56mm. up to a maximum size of 458 × 260 × 185 mm.
  • The packages are sent in consultation with the buyer.
  • The goods can only be sent once the payment has been processed on our bank account.

Transport companies do not take responsibility for any damage.
The insurance at the value of the package as mentioned below only applies only in case the package gets lost during the transport process.

Costs of packages (e.g. tube or TPG Post box with prints, package of books)


Within The Netherlands Value Weight Costs
Max € 450,- 0 – 5 Kg € 17,50
5 – 10 Kg € 20,50
Max € 2.700,- 0 – 5 Kg € 20,50
5 – 10 Kg € 23,00
Max € 5.400,- 0 – 5 Kg € 23,00
5 – 10 Kg € 25,50

Europe and outside of Europe: Price on request

Small items, fitting in an envelope and weighing up to 1 kilogram (jewels, small silver object)

Small items, such as jewels, we can send, registered, using regular mail. The costs must be paid together with the payment of the lot(s).
For an indication of these costs, please consult the table below:


Within The Netherlands Value Costs
Max € 450,- € 12,50
Max € 2.700,- € 16,50
Max € 5.400,- € 22,50
Within Europe* Max € 450,- € 15,00
Max € 3.000,- € 22,50
*(Max. England € 2.050)

Outside of Europe: Price on request

Big or heavy objects
Big and/or heavy object must be collected from the auction house within the set period (see the general conditions and terms of the auction)

Payment of purchased goods
The goods must be paid before they are sent – you can deposit the amount on our bank account:


Name Stichting Derdengelden Veilinghuis Omnia:
Slochterstraat 107, 9611 CN Sappemeer
Bank account number (SNS bank)
IBAN: NL11 SNSB 0864 7978 34